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Después de treinta y cinco largos años la historia completa de redención para una mujer ha llegado a su fin. Siga esa jornada a medida que Jeanne comparte su historia de ayudar a establecer uno de los primeros centros abortistas en la historia de Hialeah, Fl en los años 70. Este es un relato de primera mano...

Conquered is a story of the spiritual battlefield that revolves around abortion. Share the story of one woman's journey as she describes establishing one of the first commercial abortion centers in Miami-Dade County and the transition as she returns thirty-five years later and helps turn the very same building into a pregnancy help center.

Told in a first person account, Cherisa walks us through the tragic story of life, growing up in a broken home and experiencing the tragedy of her first abortion at the tender age of fifteen.

Immediately following, the consequences of Post Abortive Stress lead her on a tragic journey through some of the city's darkest streets.

The road eventually leads to healing as she encounters a place where people are dedicated to saving the nearly destroyed.

A deployment doesn't just affect the military member. It can affect everyone in their life as they pray for a safe arrival home. For Those Left Behind is a guide for friends, parents, spouses and children who are left behind when their loved one is called to duty in a foreign land.